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 If you have a practical skills you can help to make a difference    l    Mechanic? Plumber? Doctor? Nurse?...

Special interests & skills
Training mechanics on Land Rovers, Musoma
Special interests and skills
  • Do you have a skill that could help make a difference? Are you a plumber? A doctor? A builder? A mechanic? A nurse? A teacher? A farmer? An artist? A physiotherapist?

  • Or perhaps you're a Land Rover enthusiast who can help in our workshop and then join us on a Land Rover safari

  • Whatever your skill, we can probably put you to work and help to pass on your skills to local Tanzanians

Health outreach project, rural Tanzania

Over the past five years, we have had doctors, nurses, pharmacists as well as trainee medical students volunteer with us for anywhere between two weeks and six months. They have been involved in a wide range of activities from teaching, observing, advising and practical work. They have served in the leprosy community, cleaning and dressing wounds as well as helping at mobile outreach, giving out de-worming medication and weighing babies.  

We are very well established in Musoma and the surrounding villages. We have great contacts, medical projects up and running and effective and well trodden ways of doing things. This means that you will be well supported and able to really make a difference and be effective in the medical field. 

Interactive teaching, Musoma

In Summer 2016, we had a number of student teachers come out to volunteer in Tanzania. They partnered with two government primary schools in the village and one government secondary school.


Within the primary schools, the trainee teachers taught the Tanzanian teachers new interactive and engaging teaching methods. They also led classes in our after-school programmes in English, Maths and Science.


At the secondary school they taught science and even conducted some science experiments which captured both the teachers' and students' attention. This is a very new and exciting development which was very well-received in Tanzania and we would like to continue these worthwhile initiatives.

Land Rover mechanics, Eagle Lodge, Musoma
Mechanical skills

Go Make a Difference has four Land Rovers and one Range Rover in Tanzania and these vehicles are crucial to our work. They transport teams to the remote villages carrying materials on the roof and tools in the back.

We have built a workshop at Eagle Lodge to maintain our vehicles. The vehicles are sometimes in need of repair and maintenance so we welcome mechanics or enthusiasts to give a hand in the workshop and drive the vehicles to the villages every day.

Any Land Rover enthusiast will enjoy spending time in Musoma working on the vehicles and then it's twice as exciting if you join us on a Land Rover safari to explore the vastness of the Serengeti National Park in the vehicles you've maintained and improved. 

Land Rover enthusiasts
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