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Bird Watching & Safari Holiday


Tanzania is the jewel of East Africa and famous for its incredible wildlife. Known for its acclaimed national parks, such as the Serengeti, people travel far and wide to see some of the most iconic species in the world! But, you haven’t got to travel far to see some beautiful wildlife.

Nestled on the shore of Lake Victoria, Eagle Lodge is a home away from home which offers the potential for some amazing wildlife encounters. Everywhere you look there is something new and exciting to see. From fish eagles building their nest just a stones throw from the front door, to hyrax, a relative of the elephant, lounging on the rocks. Whether you’re an avid birder or hobbyist photographer, there is something for everyone. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, the resident eagle owl will even make an appearance.

The location of Eagle Lodge is perfect, with all the wildlife dependent on the lake making regular appearances and some unusual, more uncommon species venturing from further inland putting on a show. You will not be disappointed!



Costs includefull board accommodation, Land Rover transport into the bush every day, translators, experienced guides, help with visas, flights etc, insurance and a pre-trip orientation.   

Costs exclude: flights, visas ($50 for tourist visa and $40 for 2 x transit visa for travel through Kenya), vaccinations, tourist trips and safari’s or overnight accommodation in Kenya if required.

Optional excursions: We can organise a two-day, one-night safari in the Serengeti National Park, home of the great migration for an additional $500 based on the Land Cruiser being full. You will travel in specialist vehicles with experienced guides. You will stay in luxury tented accommodation, see a very wide variety of large mammals including elephant, lion, leopards, zebras and maybe even a cheetah! You will have lunch at the Serena Hotel and have the option of a swim in a world class infinity pool.  

Projects: You could also help us continue replanting the hills of Musoma with native Tanzanian trees which not only provide a sustainable income for local people but also restore the habitat that existed on 30 or 40 years ago. 


You have the option at no extra cost of visiting or getting involved in one of our development projects that really do Make A Difference to the lives of our friends in the villages.

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Dates & Prices


Go Make a Difference in Tanzania is a well-established UK registered charity which has given over 1,500 people the opportunity of exploring the spectacular landscape and abundant wildlife of Northern Tanzania, becoming friends with local hill farmers while helping them work their way out of poverty with a number of sustainable projects.  

This year we are offering visitors the opportunity of concentrating their time on explore the beautiful countryside with its wide variety of beautiful birds and small mammals, while also having the option of getting involved in some of our development projects.  

We are offering a 2-week trip in October 2023. Alternatively, we have regular departures from January through to December 2024 and can be very flexible so please get in touch if the dates below do not suit you or you want a shorter trip: 

5th October - 21st October 2023

14th - 28th October 2023. 

Prices are as follows, depending on length of stay:​

  • 2 weeks: £700

  • 3 weeks: £850


Don't worry. We also offer shorter trips.

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