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A Quiz Night is great way to raise money for a good cause - and great fun too!

Ideas for raising funds

Before any fundraising event it is important to publicise to friends and family

why you want to raise money and what it will go towards. You could do this


  • An information sheet

  • A newsletter

  • An informative Email

  • Posters

  • Flyers etc

Often you can get these advertised or handed out in your church, clubs or

other social events.

Suggested main points to include

Include a simple introduction like this:

In (month/year i.e. January 2024 I will travelling to Tanzania with the Charity Go Make A Difference in Tanzania (Go MAD). I will work in the town of Musoma and will be serving in rural villages for (2,3,4) weeks/months, during which I will be:

  • Constructing small building projects such as Ferro-cement water tanks, pit latrine toilets, goat sheds and other building projects for communities

  • Teaching basic health education and sanitation to schools and village members

  • Delivering first aid, do weekly hospital runs, care for the sick and get involved in community health awareness days.

  • Helping in a local orphanage

  • Helping to run various education initiatives supporting underachieving pupils

  • Assisting at Go MAD’s irrigation project which helps farmers in the rural villages

Climbing the Three Peaks for Go Make a Difference
Fundraising quiz for Go Make a Difference, Tanzania
Qualified student volunteering in Musoma, Tanzania
University placement, Mtwara

Sponsored walk, jog, cycle, swim etc.​

Select a route to walk/run etc. It could be anything from 1 – 100 miles

depending on how fit you are feeling! Get some friends to help you and keep

you company. Use the Go MAD sponsorship form and ask people to sponsor

you an amount for the challenge you have set yourself. You could make it

more interesting:

  • Sponsored three-legged walk

  • Cycle to and from significant places

  • A sponsored walk along part of the coast

  • A night time walk

The more interesting you make it the more people will think about it and

remember to sponsor you.


Smaller events for your friends

Hold a games night at your house and invite people to join you for a meal.

Again you could ask friends to help you prepare and cook for the meal. Then

you could suggest guests make a donation towards your trip for taking part.

You could host a Murder Mystery evening, you can buy these games online for

12-15 people, guests might find it fun to get dressed up and act as a particular


Café event

You could see if it’s possible to hold a café at your church, maybe after a

Sunday service or one weekday/weekend evening. You could sell cakes/

treats and craft, play a little music and ask for a donation from attendees

which will go towards your trip. Serve tea, coffee and hot chocolate too.

Pudding Evening

Find a venue i.e. village hall, church hall or even your living room. Gather a

few people to make some desserts, you could even use fairly traded

ingredients where possible to demonstrate your heart for the poor, and

advertise amongst your church, friends and family. Simply ask for donations

upon arrival, then everyone can enjoy their chocolate gateaux, Tiramisu and

apple crumble together.

Auction of Promises

Mark a weekend free in your diary, and then the weekend before hold an

Auction of Promises selling yourself and your friends’ specific

talents! You could offer to help with various different jobs during your free

weekend – let the highest bidder decide your duties!

  • Cleaning their homes

  • Washing cars

  • Baby sitting

  • Making them dinner or desserts all week

  • Gardening

  • Sorting their filing!

Events and Social Evenings

If you are able to rent a village hall or open up your home for an evening,

then you could organise a fun event which people could buy tickets for. You

will need to advertise this well so you get as many people attending as

possible. So if you or someone you know has a specific talent which could

draw a crowd then use it to entertain some guests, for example:

  • A band (jazz, classical, soft rock, etc.)

  • Talent show or drama show

  • Dance lessons, e.g. a salsa evening

You could also include a meal or some sort of refreshments. Just make sure

you don’t spend more money on the event than you will make from it.


As well as making money from your fundraising events you could schedule in

a time where you can present your trip and ask for support and donations.


This makes it a very personal appeal where you can show passion and

excitement about all the projects you can be involved in while you’re in



Also, make a donations box, or an information stand about your trip, stating

why you are raising money.

Good luck! Please contact us if you want further help. And we are happy to come and speak at your event if you'd like us to.

Darren ran a half marathon to raise money for Go Make a Difference
Gap year team before and after they'd rebuilt family home
Before the Three Peaks Challenge to raise funds for Tanzania
Rugby match in aid to raise fundsfor Go Make A Difference, Tanzania
Team achievement, Tanzania
Teaching new farming techniques, Musoma, Tanzania
Installing gutters on Career Break in Tanzania
Improving access to clean water. Proud local family, Musoma, Tanzania
Menstrual health women's group. Gap Year team, Musoma, Tanzania

Sponsorship Form

To save you time, you can download our Sponsorship Form here and get started straight away. 

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