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Nyambeshi, Northern Tanzania

The drugs to treat a child with malaria cost $5    l   We treat up to 10 children a day during the rainy season.

Make a difference in practical ways
School in Musoma, Tanzania

Graham McClure founded Go Make a Difference in 2008. He started off by building a cathedral and hasn't stopped helping people since!


Musoma is now a second home but he also spends time managing, arranging teams and preparing volunteers before they head out to Tanzania. 

Claire on Gap Year project, Tanzania

Claire Anderson is our in-country manager and has been based in Tanzania for three years.


An ex-volunteer with a degree in International Development, she organises trips, supports our volunteers when they are abroad and co-ordinates projects in Africa. 

Nyambeshi church, Tanzania

Irene McClure co-founded Go Make a Difference with husband Graham.


She is a retired nurse and is passionate about our healthcare projects. She is involved in the pre-trip training and keeping in touch with volunteers whilst they are away. 


You could get involved in all or some of the following:

House building gap year, Musoma
Gap year teaching, Musoma
Goat shed building, Musoma
Local shop near Msoma
Clinic, rural Tanzania


  • Water tanks bringing free, safe and clean rain water to families and communities

  • Latrines to improve the hygiene for local communities and prevent the spread of disease in the village.

  • Low cost houses for widows, orphans and the very poor.

  • Goat sheds for our farmers co operative.


  • In local schools, in our After School Club which helps kids catch up on the rest of the class, in Sunday School and in our girls and boys groups.


  • Encourage and equip the farmers in the Co-operative we helped them form to improve their crops and breed high yield dairy goats.


  • Help in a craft and coffee shop that employs women who were in extreme poverty.


  • Enable sick children and adults to be able to access the medicine and the care they need to get back to health

  • Health education in the villages and providing menstrual health lessons to girls and women.

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