Musoma, our volunteer base in Tanzania

Volunteer in Musoma, Tanzania



Musoma is our base in Northern Tanzania. It is situated in the region of Mara which stretches from Lake Victoria to the Serengeti. We have a lovely purpose built lodge here where our volunteers sleep, eat and socialise. 


There are a wide variety of projects to get involved in from building water tanks, goat sheds and pit latrines, do weekly hospital runs, care for the sick, get involved in community health awareness days, teaching health education in villages or helping local business initiatives. We also have a tree planting initiative which you can get involved in. 

All our volunteers find the work really fulfilling and feel that they have made a difference and saved lives. We have also had lots of families travel to Tanzania with us and they have enjoyed working together.  

"Musoma is a beautiful place, situated right by Lake Victoria. You will be part of a big team living and working together in the local communities."



Costs includeall the in-country essentials including accommodation, transport, driver and guide, full insurance, food and water, a full day’s orientation in the UK

Costs exclude: flights, visas ($50 for tourist visa and $40 for 2 x transit visa for travel through Kenya), vaccinations, tourist trips and safari’s or overnight accommodation in Kenya if required.

Optional excursions: We can organise a two-day, one-night safari in the Serengeti park. You will stay in luxury tented accommodation, see amazing wildlife and have lunch and a swim at a 5* hotel. 

FundraisingWe ask our volunteers to try to raise around £300 before they depart.  This will go towards your building projects, medical work, gifts to those in need and more! 



Do something different this year and spend part of your Easter or Summer Holiday in Musoma! It’s a unique chance for each of you to gain a different perspective and widen your experiences by working alongside the local people living in rural villages.

You and your family could be involved in:

• Helping run a sports event and children’s youth group

• Joining with local builders in building a water tank

• Building a goat shed

• Running games and craft sessions with the children’s youth group

• Teaching health education at the local church

Cost: 2 weeks: £450 per adult and £350 for children under 18

Dates & Prices


We are very excited to be running volunteer trips again from 1st April 2022. We are offering regular departures from January through to December and can be very flexible so please get in touch if the dates below do not suit you or you want a shorter trip: 

14th January - 8th April 2023

8th April - 25th June 2023

28th June - 25th July 2023

30th July - 27th August 2023

Prices are as follows, depending on length of stay:

  • 2 weeks: £700

  • 3 weeks: £850

  • 1 month: £1,000

  • 6 weeks: £1,450

  • 2 months: £1,650

  • 3 months: £2,350


Don't worry. We also offer shorter trips.

Gap Year volunteer, Musoma