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Why it is important 

Deforestation contributes to global warming. This is devastating to our planet and has a huge impact on local farmers in Tanzania.

The farmers we work with in Tanzania are some of the poorest people in the world. When they have a problem, such as having a sick child, they have to cut down a tree to sell as firewood. But now there are hardly any trees left. Because of global warming the rainfall patterns have changed, resulting in crop failures and an ongoing cycle of poverty. 


How it makes a difference

Trees enable people to grow their way out of poverty and this scheme aims to transform the economy of the region. The trees grow quickly and will eventually be worth £40 each. Our aim is for each farmer to tend to about 200 trees. The farmer can use this money for his children’s education and healthcare. 


Over the last nine months, we have planted 8,000 trees in partnership with 30 local farmers. Our aim is to plant a further 25,000 trees over the next 12 months.  We are also putting together a continuous planting programme to replace any trees that are felled for lumber in 15 years’ time. 


"The tree project enables us to plan for the future and give our children a better life". Yusef, Nyambeshi. 


Plant a Tree

  • With this gift, you will receive an information sheet about the scheme, as well co-ordinates of the location of your tree on Google Maps, the type of tree planted and the name of the farmer who is caring for your tree!


    For £5, a tree will be planted and you will receive a tree certificate with all the details about your tree.


    For £10, a tree will be planted and you'll also receive a tree carving as well as a tree certificate with all the details about your tree.


    The tree carving is sourced from FSC & PEFC approved timber and is made in a charitable workshop in Scotland.


    Help to save the planet!

    Why not consider offsetting your carbon footprint by buying some extra trees?

    Even one tree will considerably reduce your impact on the planet.

    20 trees will generally offset carbon emissions for one long haul flight. 


    Please note
    Each gift comes with a personalised, explanatory postcard which will be sent to you by email or post.


    Postage and packaging is included within the UK.

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