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Why it is important 

Some women are unable to get to the hospital or local health centre when they are in labour. Each month, 40 women give birth at home. Some of them will be accompanied by a traditional birth attendant but there are still many dangers with giving birth at home.


1 in 20 women die each month during home deliveries largely due to infection, haemorrhage and sepsis. 1 in 5 babies die before they are 3 months old, due to infections such as Neonatal Tetanus caused by their umbilical cord being cut with a rock or dirty instrument. There is also an increased risk of HIV transmission through the use of contaminated instruments and the birthing process when delivering  at home. 


How it makes a difference

The pack has a positive impact on mitigating infection by promoting a safe, hygienic and clean delivery process. The use of clean gloves, plastic delivery sheet, and razor blade to cut the umbilical cord have been shown to reduce infection by more than half. The pack has proven to improve delivery conditions in the rural areas, giving women peace of mind if forced to deliver at home. 



Give a Birthing Pack

  • The birthing pack will help reduce the risks to women of giving birth at home. Each pack consists of the basic essentials for a new mother: a plastic sheet for the mother to lie on, sterile disposable plastic gloves, a razor blade, a piece of cord, alcohol gel, a knitted blanket, 2 Terry nappies with pins, clean pants for Mum, 2 x reusable sanitary pads, a beaded bracelet showing the menstrual cycle, 1 flannel sheet, some soap and a knitted hat and jumper for the baby. 

    Please note
    Each gift comes with a personalised, explanatory postcard which will be sent to you by email or post.

    Postage and packaging is included within the UK.

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