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Gap Year Africa
Gap Year in Africa
Spending part of your Gap Year in Africa will change you forever and could make a huge difference to people's lives in Tanzania
  • There’s no greater feeling than making a difference on your travels and where better to do it than in Tanzania on your Gap Year?Whether you’ve finished college or university, you're taking a sabbatical from work, or you’ve decided to take some time off to travel the world, you can make a difference to the people of Tanzania.

  • We offer people the chance to visit Tanzania and get involved in community development projects that really make a difference to people’s lives. Our Gap Year terms range from 4 weeks to 3 months. 

  • Volunteers can get involved in a wide range of projects - such as building, teaching children, medical work, youth work and income-generating schemes.

Here are some of the things you could be getting involved with:

  • Water tanks bringing free, safe and clean rain water to families and communities.

  • Latrines to improve the hygiene for locals and prevent the spread of disease in the village.

  • Low cost houses for widows, orphans and the very poor.

  • Goat sheds for our Farmers' Co-operative.

  • Teach in local schools, in our After School Club which helps kids catch up on the rest of the class, and in our girls' and boys' youth groups.

  • Teaching health education in the villages and menstrual health lessons to girls and women.

  • Encourage and equip the farmers in the Co-operative we helped them form, to improve their crops and breed high yield dairy goats.

  • Help in Rehema, a craft and coffee shop that employs women who were in extreme poverty.

  • Enable sick children and adults to get the medicine and care they need to get better. 

Training is given to the volunteers to enable them to be completely competent in these activities. What you do each day is down to you and what you have chosen to do. 

What does a typical day on a Gap Year project in Africa look like?
  • The day starts at 7.00am when we get up and eat breakfast together. 

  • We then head out to site for our morning activity. This could be either building a water tank, a goat shed, a pit latrine, or assisting at the children's home. It depends what is needed at the time. 

  • At 1pm, you have time to sit back with your fellow volunteers and workers to enjoy a well-deserved lunch. 

  • The afternoon session starts at 2.30pm when the heat of the sun has gone down. Activities depend on personal preference and the needs of the people at the time. We encourage volunteers to be involved in the planning and implementation of activities depending on the local's needs which will be managed by our in-country leaders. 

  • At 5pm, we tidy the site and head back to Eagle Lodge for dinner at about 7pm. Our cook will have already prepared the meal for us and then volunteers heat it up before eating together. There is a rota for washing up. 

  • In the evenings, we have free time to either enjoy the rest of the day with your team or on your own. Typically, our volunteers play games together, watch a movie, have some Swahili lessons and chat about their day. 

We have departures all year round and can tailor the trip to whatever you are looking to do on your Gap Year. We can also add in trips to the Serengeti or Ngorongoro Crater. 

We have very good safety standards and you will have 24/7 in-country support. 

All of our volunteers are changed in a positive way by their experience. Your time with us in Tanzania will have a positive impact as our project are community driven and encourage self-reliance. We work very closely with the local people discussing their greatest needs and work with them to provide support. 

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