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Why it is important 

Almost 3 million Tanzanian children suffer from stunted growth because of malnutrition.  


When you are living in extreme poverty it is a daily struggle to buy or grow enough food for your family.  Women on their own find it particularly hard to make ends meet, e.g. if they are single mothers, their husbands are away trying to find work, or if their partner has died.  


How it makes a difference

A female goat can produce up to 3 litres of milk a day supplying the family with much needed protein, fats and calcium. Milk and meat also provides a valuable source of income. Goats are cheaper to buy and easier to look after than cows and also produce the perfect fertiliser for growing crops. 


We have been in partnership with local farmers for the last 15 years, raising high-yield, zero-grazed dairy goats and now have the largest herd in Northern Tanzania!  We employ four fully-trained local goat coordinators who regularly vaccinate and care for the goats and train new and existing owners on the proper care of their animals. We also supply sheds to stop the goats eating trees and protect them from ticks, snakes and hyenas. Women like Winafrida benefit greatly from this scheme. 


Winafrida says “With these goats I can buy food for my family, educate my children and pay for medical treatment.  They have given us a chance of a better life.  Thank you.” She proudly wears her t-shirts which says ‘ninapenda mbuzi’ which translates to ‘I love goats’! 


Give a High Yield Dairy Goat


    Your gift will provide a family with one high yield dairy goat, which comes with all the necessary training and veterinary treatment. Goats are kept in purpose-built goat sheds.

    Thanks to you, more families like Winafrida’s will be able to build a life free from poverty.


    Please note
    Each gift comes with a personalised, explanatory postcard which will be sent to you by email or post.


    Postage and packaging is included within the UK.

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