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Why it is important 

Over 98% of girls in Tanzania do not reach the end of secondary school. One reason is simply because of their periods.


The majority of young girls living in rural areas don’t have access to sanitary items.  With few or no hygiene facilities available, most are too embarrassed to attend school during their monthly cycle, so they miss lessons, get behind and eventually drop out.  


How it makes a difference

We have trained women in a village called Mkiringo to make reusable sanitary pads. Having access to clean menstrual health products keeps the girls healthy, as well as giving them the confidence to stay in school and get a good education. The packs also provide a valuable source of income for the women in Mkiringo. Over the last two years, 800 packs have been made by the women in Mkiringo and supplied to young girls in school. 


‘Before I was too embarrassed to go to school, even though I wanted to.  I really like the bright colours on my pack and it allows me to continue my education.’ Esther, Isaba Primary School.



Give a Pretty Period Pack

  • This pretty bundle will provide one girl with a reusable sanitary pack which will last her for two years. It consists of: two bases, three inserts, a washable bag, soap and knickers. 


    Please note
    Each gift comes with a personalised, explanatory postcard which will be sent to you by email or post.


    Postage and packaging is included within the UK.

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